Signs of the Spirit ❤️


Infinite Healing Hearts with Love from Above ❤️

The day began like any other. Quickly escalating in my mind were a million thoughts…Welcome to my world. 

Duke, my half dog (I share him with my friend Jay) was due to have surgery to be neutered. It’s a pretty routine surgery these days. Besides, we felt it would calm his two year old hyper puppy self down a bit. Duke is a Australian shepherd/German shepherd cross. A working dog, always on the go. We are responsible pet owners. For all of us, Having our pets spayed and neutered is the right thing to do. There are numerous unwanted pets out there in the world being euthanized everyday in shelters due to irresponsible pet owners. We did not want to contribute to those numbers. So we booked the appointment for Duke.

Even knowing how routine this surgery was. Something in my being was deeply concerned. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was though. I pulled Angel cards. I prayed for guidance. I even took my pendulum out to seek higher knowledge from my guides to get a definite answer. (Pendulums are used for yes, no or maybe answers) I wanted to know without a doubt that we were doing the right thing having Duke neutered. Something wasn’t sitting right with me. I was stumped as to what it could be. The guidance in the cards was confusing to say the least. There were many mixed messages coming through. Definitely no clarity like I would’ve hoped. My pendulum yielded a big swirling “maybe.” To me that just was not good enough. I wanted I clear concise “yes” or “no.” Finally through prayer I was able to gain clarity to a greater extent. I would continue to be shown the ’44’s” over the course of the next few days. For those of you who follow me or know me personally you understand this. For those of you who are new to my blog let me explain. I see the #44 as a Divine sign whenever Spirit hears my prayers. This particular sign tells me that my prayer requests are taken to source whether you believe it to be God, the Universe or whichever. Seeing this particular number, 44 is to allow me to know that healing will occur for the person or animal’s highest good whatever that may be. I saw so many 44’s over the course of that day and the night before that I felt we were on the correct path to move forward fearlessly. However that nagging feeling would not leave me as to why I was not feeling positive about this surgery 100%.

As Duke’s surgery date loomed closer I asked Jay how he felt about all this? In that moment of hearing Jay speak I realized why I had felt so much confusion. I was empathetically picking up  on Jay’s emotions for Duke’s wellbeing. No offense to Jay, him being a man. I can only imagine all men want to keep their man parts. It’s ok he’ll be fine I told him. I had to reassure him the best way I knew how. By being positive. He seemed to agree but I nonetheless I felt he was still concerned that his buddy may have an issue. I  asked him to pray for the right answer and sleep on it. I said see how you feel about it in the morning. If you don’t feel it we’ll cancel his appointment and maybe reschedule for a later date. He agreed.

In the meantime I specifically asked Spirit to see 3 hearts as a clear sign that Duke will be ok for his surgery the next morning. I was shown one heart in my mind’s eye very clearly as I awoke and then that was it. Still unsure I spoke with Jay. He told me he dropped Duke off at the vet and that he would text or call me when it was all done. He seemed better on this morning. Like maybe he received his message while he slept. The answer to his prayer. He never did say for sure, however I felt the energy of the situation begin to shift. We are all energy and everything we do creates or changes energy. 

I began my morning routine of getting ready for work. Coffee in hand I went into my Spirit sanctuary. Now don’t laugh.. Too hard… My Spirit sanctuary is in my bathroom. Yes you read that right. I have a spiritual sanctuary in my bathroom. It’s not because they (Spirit) are physically with me in there because that is not necessarily the case. However even when Spirit is present they are energy only. They do not look at us the way we think they do. There is never any judgement, only love from those in the Spirit realm. I love my bathroom! I just have to say it. I do! It’s just so darn pretty in there. It makes me feel like a princess. I have a ruffly white girly shower curtain. The walls are painted a pale shade of a chartreuse green. A healing peaceful color. All my beauty products and scented essential oils are easily accessible to me in my space. It even smells Divine in there. Seriously! Those essential oils rock! They have become my perfumes of choice, and they have numerous healing/uplifting qualities. There are motivational sayings I have hanging up to inspire me to be a better version of who I was yesterday. I have my sparkly jewelry hanging from hooks on the walls. My gems are also dangling off my mirrors so the bling-bling is reflected all around the room in this beautiful peace-filled space that I have created. The mirrors I have chosen to hang in this space act as portals for me. Especially since I am a hairdresser and a medium. I refer to this room as my Spiritual sanctuary. Not because there is a throne either, oh no. No, no, no.. haha! I call it my Spiritual sanctuary because while I’m getting my pretty on (applying my make-up). I find that spirit likes to communicate best with me at this time. I have come to understand that I receive information while applying my makeup. In fact it’s usually while I’m applying my eyeliner. My attention is hyper-focused on something else. So much so that applying my makeup becomes a form of  meditation for me. Some people find that they receive insight in the shower or while doing dishes, everyone has their own way. Don’t knock it until you try it though. You’d be surprised how information comes through to you when you open yourself up spiritually. I thoroughly enjoy taking the time to put myself together in this lovely space that I have created. The skylight makes me feel as though I’m connected to the Heavens as it softly bounces and diffuses the light around in my tiny room, making my sacred space appear larger than it is. So now you know one of my secrets. I talk to the Spirits in my bathroom… So what do you do? Haha!!

Here is a photo of yours truly in my magical mirror or portal to the other dimensions in my Spirit Sanctuary. Maybe try making a special space somewhere in your own house where yo can speak to Spirit. You’ll know where it should be. Follow your heart and they (your loved ones in Spirit) will guide your soul there. ❤️IMG_7430


This particular morning I was seriously engrossed in my eyeliner when I received a text with photos from my sister. Needless to say my concentration with the spirit-world was interrupted. Who knows what we were speaking of? As fast as the Spirit information comes in for me, it goes out at the same rate of speed. You have to be really quick to keep up with the energy of Spirit. I checked the text message my sister sent and her message read:

I was shoveling this morning & I looked over in my neighbors driveway. I was sure this was for you. IMG_2280


There’s no denying that this sign was definitely for me after viewing it. I nearly fell over! I was so taken aback! I had prayed to specifically be shown three hearts before Duke had his surgery. These were the last two. Intertwined and connected no less. The ironic part of the entire sign is that these two hearts look just like my Infinite Healing Hearts symbol on my business card. I used this double heart symbology to represent the two Infinite Healing Hearts I was gifted while out in Sedona with my Mom on vacation last year. A special sign indeed! My sister’s neighbor probably had no idea that their reversing out of the driveway created this incredible image in the freshly fallen snow. So beautiful ?How cool!! In that moment I knew intuitively without a doubt that Duke would be completely fine. That all would be well for him. I quickly texted Jay and sent him the message and the photos of the hearts as validation to let him know that all would be well. He was floored too when he saw the hearts in the photo. It was simply astounding. I always like to say God works in mysterious ways. This just proves it.❤️

Here’s one last photo to show you the hearts on my business card and how uncanny the resemblance is. See for yourself. You decide. #PrayerWorks !


God Bless you all ❤️
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Lisa The Hairdresser-Medium®