A quick year

Life is the school, Love is the lesson.
Life is the school, Love is the lesson.

Well, here it goes! My first official blog post. Hope you all enjoy!

This week marks the anniversary date when I learned about a dear friend of mine transgressing into the Spirit world. I miss his beautiful smile, his kindness and his heart-felt hello. Although I have the great pleasure of speaking with him on a frequent basis, being a Spirit Medium. It’s not exactly the same as when he was here on Earth. He sometimes whispers to me in my thoughts. Sharing some of life’s beautiful lessons. Assisting me with wisdom and guidance from beyond when I open up as a conscious channel for healing. From the realm where the Angels reside, his knowledge sparks deep emotion in myself as well as the clients I serve. My dear friend is now a benevolent guide in the Heaven-world. His journey has been a miraculous one. With many twists and turns along the way.

Thanks for all the ‘†’ (cross) signs. I will hold you with me in my heart today and everyday knowing ‘It’s just another day in paradise.’                 Miss you Mike F. xoxo

No one ever said life was easy, but then again if it was how would we ever learn the lessons we are being taught? These lessons assist us in propelling ourselves and others forward on the greatest journey of all. Our incredible lives here on Earth. We are all here to help others. That is our mission even though most do not see it this way. There is a bumper sticker I purchased out west last year that I have in my house. I look at it everyday to remind myself of my purpose. Of all our purposes’.
It reads:

“Life is the school, L❤️VE is the lesson”

To me there is nothing of greater importance. In a world where so much hurt resides. We act as a whole, a conscious unity. A word I have termed a ‘Common-Unity’, or community, it becomes all of us, together.  We, have the ability to change what is. We can allow ourselves to let go of hatred, ignorance, revenge, ego… The list can go on and on, but you catch my drift. Let us create L❤️VE. Pure, unconditional L❤️VE.

Without getting religious on anyone because God knows I am not a saint by any means. I’d like to share an interesting post waking-dream I had awhile ago during a trip out West in Sedona, AZ. In my dream-like state the Angels were speaking to me. I awakened fully giggling at what they were saying. I felt so light being in their ethereal presence. In what I call the ‘tween-thyme (just before waking) They explained that curse words are only words. I was a bit shocked, I did not now this. It’s the Lord’s name they told me that we aren’t to take in vain. You may not agree with this, however that is what I was told.

Thinking back about this now I can relate because as my belief system has changed over the years, so have I. I grew up being raised Catholic. (Not sure if I should say lucky me?) On a handful of amazing occasions in my life I have seen Jesus in visions. I felt overjoyed to be in His Divine presence each and every time this transpired. He has shared His knowledge with me and that has given me great understanding. He has also given me guidance. This is me, it is a part of my story. Others have had visions as well. We all know someone who has a beautiful story that they’ve shared with us at one time or another. It is my understanding that we see what it is that we believe, our belief systems have everything to do with this. I am a Spiritual being living the best way I know how. I have found God or whatever you call your higher consciousness out in nature, not in a church. Although I LOVE beautiful churches, I do not feel you need to go there to speak to God. He is LOVE and he is everywhere! I am also discovering this Divine Being what I call God or you may call a higher consciousness. It resides in each and every one of us. LOVE thy neighbor as yourself. Wonderful words to live by❤️

The next time you are faced with a situation of anger while along your path try this… Ask yourself.. What would Jesus do? When I thought of this the first time it was presented to me by a client. I heard the words ‘He would throw LOVE at the situation, any situation. LOVE, pure and unconditional.’  It makes the ordinary become extrordinary.  The ego departs from both parties and a gentleness fills the space between your thoughts conscious and unconscious. Try it the next time you are angry.
Let me know how you make out. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Sending you all Peace and LOVE from Above

Lisa The Hairdresser-Medium®

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